Generally, in awareness campaigns, social organizations make requests: support, endorsements, signatures, funding...

On this occasion, for World Parkinson's Day, we are going to ask you for something, but in a different way. We want to ask you for time. But not yours, ours. The time that people with Parkinson's need to be able to continue sharing it with you.

Parkinson's is a chronic, neurodegenerative disease that has doubled in prevalence over the past 25 years. It is the second most common disease after Alzheimer's and is estimated to affect more than 160,000 people in Spain and more than 8.5 million people worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, the disability and mortality associated with Parkinson's disease are increasing faster than those of any other neurological disorder globally.

Freezing, slowness of movement, poor balance, facial stiffness, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression or voice alteration are unknown symptoms of the disease that, if manifested when people with Parkinson's are in public spaces or social events, put them in a vulnerable position to the looks, gestures and attitudes of a society that does not know them.

Inés, Rufino, Pepa, Enrique and Emilia have had Parkinson's for years and, although this has united them in terms of diagnosis, the way in which the disease manifests itself in each of them is different.

For this reason, it is essential to respect the time of those affected. Because only from the knowledge of the disease and its symptoms we will be able to move towards quality social relationships based on respect and empathy.

And now that you know, can you give me my time?

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